About Nellie's On Ford

An old fashioned idea of helping and servicing our customers... where everyone knows your name. Survival of small businesses. (The chant of "support your local businesses" resounds in every "Small Town" USA. To support "local" there needs to be "local").

Where Nellie's is located there had been a clothing store. The the owner was ready retire. OH NO! ...another empty building on Ford Street -- what would Nellie do? The people of Ford City and many other outlying small towns deserve the convenience of choice in style as much as any "big town" USA without the hassle of city travel and impersonal, often rude treatment by the "Big Boy" stores. What would Nellie do?

Who is Nellie?
Nellie is a Weimaraner. Her AKC registered name is "Oh My Nellie Bly". Combining the tireless, daring energy of a Weimaraner with the spirit in the tenacious pursuits of a famous socialite, reformer & journalist of Armstrong County. The venture was dared, the risk was taken and thus a star was born.

Nellie's on Ford opened November 15, 2004. We've been here awhile and keep getting better and better. Please stop in and get to know our fashion consultants.